The process of art collecting can and should be as rewarding as the investment. Pettit Art Partners is committed to this important goal, and delivers accessible insights on all aspects of the discipline – new acquisitions, installation, conservation, collections-management and art philanthropy.  The partnership guides both seasoned and emerging collectors through relevant decisions in the primary and secondary markets to build exceptional collections of modern and contemporary art.  With a discerning eye, we identify the best and most appropriate galleries, artists and work(s) to accommodate each budget and preference.

Pettit Art Partners remains intimately connected to the pulse of the international scene by studying influential gallery and museum exhibitions, attending key auctions and art fairs, and lecturing on the history and business of art.  The firm maintains vibrant relationships with collectors, curators and critics, and cultivates a diverse network of artists and dealers worldwide.  By extension, we provide informed and objective expertise.  Furthermore, we invite our clients to participate in a vital dialogue about the art world which extends beyond the collection.